An artist without identity

For an artist, the journey to gain an identity is a long and lonely road. Having discovered the great therapeutic benefits of art for the soul while incarcerated and my ability to paint was a god’s sent gift.

Being an artist while in prison I had not only my freedom taken away but also my identity and two and a half years after being freed, my identity still remains restrained till the end of my parol in March 2017!

The following is a digital story made as part of the Stretch Digital project funded by the Big Lottery in collaboration with the PET (Prisoner Education Trust) – the films are made with Stretch practitioner Alex Harwood in the traditional digital story method.

Former prisoners tell their story of education and rebuilding their lives in and out of prison.


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Art & Museum Magazine has published my article.

One night his world changed after being arrested and imprisoned for 5 years. Whilst incarcerated he pushed himself to the limit, to learn a new trade and come out with an ensemble of works to silence the critics.

Julio, a self-taught painter, was appalled at the tactics that Trump used to rally support and win votes in the US elections. “My piece titled: A TRAMP WITHOUT RAGS has been the most time-consuming piece I have created, it is my depiction of the vile individual I think Trump is without going anywhere near the gutter where I think his rhetoric roams.”

His work is a cocktail that consists of a double dosage of beauty, a large measure of vibrant colours, with a touch of subtle connotations and finished with a gentle political stir to shine a light on the many issues he feels passionate about and that the governments and multi nationals are constantly abusing and covering up. It is served in a fish bowl glass to share.

His Article is on page 47 of the great Art and Museum magazine at:

Art & Museum Magazine

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Loving Amy. I am happy to have completed and share my latest painting, a tribute to the talented Amy Winehouse. Her sadly short lived live inspired me to paint her and keep her memory alive.



Feature story


I meet Julio one night at a trendy art exhibition he’s involved in, in a converted back-street tunnel in South London. Outside, it’s a miserable November night, filled with relentless rain and bitter, sobering winds and people walk through the door happy to finally be warm and dry. It’s the kind of night where you wonder if you might have been better off staying at home in your pyjamas and barricading the doors, but here we ar…

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