Golden Years Series

I exhibited the seven portraits of the series on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of June 2022 at Islington Square, Unit G2.2, South Arcade, 116 Upper Street, N1 1AB to coincide with fathers day weekend to honour the generation who have been hardest hit by the epidemic. It was the start of building a network of locals that are interested in volunteering and help in the elderly in the community.

The COVID-19 epidemic catapulted Julio Cesar Osorio into The Golden Years portrait project. The series aims to portray the elderly population in dignified fashion and highlight their lives and accomplishments.  Golden Years had been in the works for many years and suddenly came to life after the loss of Julio’s own  grandmother and the many other honourable and vulnerable seniors during this global epidemic. 

The project started with Julio painting a portrait of his grandmother titled Stairway To Heaven as a tribute to her loving memory and evolved into a broad series of portraits portraying senior citizens in vibrant colours. The elderly population are portrayed with humanity and positively in his works so they are remembered and celebrated in his social art project.

Julio said:  “I aim to communicate the social inequities and express the need to balance social disparities found in society whether it be the vulnerable youth or the elderly population.  After growing up in my home country of Colombia and seeing first hand the underprivileged and vulnerable populations, I have been fortunate to immigrate to the United Kingdom and make a new life. I have attended university for photography & film to equip myself with the tools to document and bring to light the socioeconomics and plight of the vulnerable populations.”

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