Little Things That Matter

THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MATTER art exhibition by Julio César Osorio opens on Thursday, 5th of September, 2018 from 6-10PM and will run till Sunday 30th of September 2018.
198 Shaftesbury Avenue,
Charring Cross, Covent Garden
London WC2H 8JL

“Julio is a cool cat. I became aware of his work when I used one of his paintings as the poster image for an exhibition I was curating on the Southbank. It was the stand out piece of the exhibition. His work is vibrant, intelligent, relevant, and quirky. I love his work. Welcome to his world.”
Benjamin Zephaniah

Julio Cesar Osorio is a self-taught artist who discovered his painting talent at the lowest point of his life, when he was incarcerated. His journey as a painter has been an inspiration to others who are in the same situation he was in and the story has been narrated to people through National Prison Radio, to help promote self-discovery in those hard times.
As he continues to paint, the messages behind Julio’s work have evolved from nostalgic origins to more politically charged, evocative themes.

“I like to leave the interpretation of my pieces to the viewer, but at the same time, several of my paintings were created to expose and question issues like freedom of speech and the state of world affairs at present”.
The exhibition has been curated to show two sides of his journey by displaying some of his works produced while in prison – a visual diary of paintings that communicates his oppressed world behind prison walls and his determination to break down barriers to discover inner freedom and hopes for a new future – accompanied by most of his art works created since his release. The latter are big, which he adapted to make a statement about the reversal of the restrictions he had in prison and which most artists take for granted e.g. space, light and canvas size.
“I have focused on my strengths with my use of colour and animals in my creations, which have given me my own style and which I have used to illustrate my thoughts and emotions about the world we live in.”

His works showcase the beauty of the wildlife being wiped out by the appalling greed of corporations and trophy hunters, followed by his latest work which was created as his response to the tactics that Trump used to rally support and win votes in the US elections.

“My painting, A TRAMP WITHOUT RAGS, has been the most time-consuming piece I have created. It is my depiction of the vile individual I think Trump is without going anywhere near the gutter his rhetoric roams.

“Trump has a track record as a sexist, chauvinist male which is a cause for serious concern given his position, and in just one year in office he has practically erased the gender equality advancements achieved through many years of lobbying. The transgender model in the piece represents the female, vulnerable in the workplace where sexual harassment, pay gap divides and the male dominated world, which Trump has very openly made acceptable by degrading women with his words and actions, continue to exist.

“During his campaign his attack on the transgender community serving in the American forces was one of the biggest blows delivered to that community: 29 transgender women were killed in 2017 in the state of Alabama alone. “

In a world in which there is so much beauty, in his artwork Julio asks: why do we give pre-eminence to such ugliness.

Road To Happiness






Road To Happiness LR


I have just finished my latest painting and decided to share it and have had good response for the work and a woman that mentioning that she found it offensive, which I was quite taken aback as an artist paints what is in our minds even if it causes controversy.

Also had a man making a comment on my use of words.

I like to tittle my work so that I can use words to complement the painting.


Acrylic on Canvas 50x50cm

 Breinlinge: As a woman above disgusts me..enough of female exploitation don’t men have better ideas!!! or let’s say a more empathetic view of women in general that they would prefer to protect than use as porno,
Julio Osorio
Julio Osorio Shame you feel that way , voyeurism is with all humans and the female beauty is admirable.
The model was not forced and happy to be pose👍
Breinlinger: I think you haven’t understood anything I tried to convey. You took it too personal.
Julio Osorio
Julio Osorio It is my work Elaine.
Times have changed and as long as humans populate the earth I am sure you will have the most inflential
Beings in it (women) 😉

Breinlinger men objectify women, undermine us, rarely listen to our views and unfortunately the world is full of powerful men in powerful positions which illuminate how men demean us, scared to give us equality. In the art world, men mostly promote themselves, less than 1pc of art in the national galleries are shown that are by women…seeing your ‘work’ is why I reacted and rightly so. I respect women and hopefully they will get to understand that posing for men for such ‘work’ is embarrassing and stand up for their self-esteem.

Here is what the man wrote, what you think?

Eas’y Key’hol’ey Sham’bollic for sexuality a d fore’bidden ta’boo?

And this was my answer:

Hello LuKe. Voyeourism is a centuries old practise and seen as a sin through many religions and the title of my work as well as the content is there to challenge the viewer and freedom of expression through art and words. (edited)


I have been wanting to see the movie since it came out and like most artist (I think) I am not the most organised person.

Having always admired Van Gough’s works and the fact that the movie is the first one of its kind where every frame has been hand painted had me more interested than other films about and artist story that have been made.

I finally made it yesterday with my girl friend and was taken aback by the film and how they used Van Gough’s style of painting trough out the whole movie.

The movie was a master piece and the story very touching as there were so many things that hit home, like how he suffered from the mental pressures of his demanding family, how he took it up painting and taught himself how to paint after his most difficult time in his life and having experienced something similar myself while in prison discovering the therapeutic powers of painting!

The end was so sad!

The fact that he reached a point where the best solution in his mind was to take his own live! ( I understand exactly how he felt, as I have considered that many times and attempted when I was a teenager as a cry for help).

The sad thing is that mental health is still not taken serious enough even at this present time and the current conservative government here in the UK is cutting down funding for mental health instead of increasing it!

I became a prolific painter when I was in prison as it was my only way to keep demons out of my mind and only painted nearly 100 paintings.

800 in a space of eight years was what Vincent achieved and I think it is simply amazing!

I salute Vincent and must admit that I had to fight tears and a choking feeling in my throat as the credits of the film were being run.

The sad reality of the art world, the fact that he could not sell his work and since his death countless people have made and will make money million from his work!

 A Tree of life.jpg

I dedicate my painting Tree Of Life to Vincent and  may he R.I.P and if there is and after life enjoy the fact that he was right with what he set out to do and appreciated by millions.