My first one hour art class result.

After being in prison for almost three weeks, locked for about 22 hours a day, until properly put into the system and having the chance to either work or study I felt I was going insane not being sure of what my future was going to be for at least six months until trial as I had decided to fight the case because I knew that the whole incident had happened for defending myself from a bully doorman.

I did not think I could paint all my life and one afternoon the cell door opened and was told that I had my induction at the art class so I should follow the flow of people going to education.

Tunde was the name of the tutor that afternoon and whom I am still in contact since my release in 2014.  We were given the go ahead to get some paper and use it how ever we wanted, to paint! (Here is his video talking about what he saw while I was there )

I was unsure what to do, but had a look through some art books and chose to try and copy a painting.

The following painting is a photograph of that first ever painting I did and the most important thing about it was that I completely forgot where I was while painting and at the end, was nicely surprised to see the result as there was lots of room for improvement but I knew then that painting was going to be what would get me through those six months there, while waiting for the trial and be freed as I was sure a jury would find me not guilty after watching the CCTV and the several different version of events the  doorman had given in changed statements!

How wrong, I was!

It then turn out that painting would play an even bigger role in my life and now is what I do to feed my soul!

First Painting LR


Floating Truth

Floating Truth.

Acrylic on canvas 127x127cm.

The way the environment is under attack and the damage being done to it is heart breaking and worst of all, it is becoming irreversible. Yet most multinationals don’t do their part to try and innovate to save our planet but on top of that, the president of the US abandons the Paris agreement to let his funders and buddies curry on ripping the planet apart with just profits in their minds!

I finished this, my latest painting yesterday and thought I share it with you all and wish you all a good weekend and think what you can do to protect the planet. #londonpop #londonstyle#londonartist #art #artwork #artoftheday#artofvisuals #artgallery #gallery#colombiano #arte #artmagazine#environment #surrealArt #lighting #wildiLife #mayfair #originalArt #trump#globalwarming #tranquility #painting#JulioCesarOsorio #fosilFuels #sea #water#julioCesartist8 #buyPrints #polarbear#artists_magazine