A Tramp Without Rags

On Pride month!A TRAMP WITH NO RAGS copy

TALULA CLOSE UPI thought I share my painting titled a “Tramp Without Rags”
A work I started to planning after hearing Trump’s rhetoric during his political campaign and his degrading remarks made openly towards the transgender and LGBTQ community in general, so decided to depict him and found it very challenging as there were so many things I wanted to portrait about him and I had simply not enough space in the 130.cm canvas! This is all I could fit in! The one thing that I like to make clear in the painting is the writing in the mirror which reads, Transgender and PROUD!
There is so much I could paint about the orange creature, but will not waste any more of my time on it.


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Original artwork. Acrylic on paper 32x22Inch.

Created 2012

Hush Britain was an early work created while I was in prison during the Olympic games in the summer of 2012.

That was a very hard time in my life. I had been detained in March and was just denied bail and my old life was crushed. I had to close my photography studio and hand my life and myself over to complete uncertainty. I lost control over what would happen next.

Here was where I discovered the calming therapy of painting.

The painful loss of an old life led to a new beginning for me and that is why I have included this work in the special purchase collection. I hope it brings a sense of renewal in the most difficult of times.

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I have been named finalist in the second Global Art Awards recognising excellence and innovation in art and design, and will be going forwards to the grand final of the prestigious awards taking place at the FIVE Jumeirah Palm Dubai on 21st November 2018.

My painting Tree Of Life, has been singled out for praise by the judges, in the New Comer Category.


I will also have the chance to be named The Best Global Artist of 2018, which is awarded to one outstanding overall winner, who will also win an exhibition in Abu Dhabi as well as the life-long title.

Dubbed “The Oscars for the Visual Arts”, The Global Art Awards celebrate the exceptional achievements of artists from across the globe. There are 16 visual arts categories, ranging from photography, street art, illustration and painting to awards recognising individual artists, including Best Newcomer; Best Sculpture Artist Award; Best Innovative Artist Award as well as the highly illustrious Best Emirati Artist Award.

“It’s a great honour to be named a finalist in the Global Art Awards and I am delighted to be able to join such a fantastic, roll-call of artistic talent heading for the awards in Dubai. These awards really do single out the best, most exciting artists working today, to celebrate their achievements, and I am honoured to be among them.”

Joëlle Dinnage, Founder and Director of the Global Art Awards said, “We created the awards a year ago to establish an inspirational international art competition on a global scale. Artists who were successful last time have gone on to gain recognition and commissions, travel and attend exhibitions and receive a real boost to their careers.

“This year, standards have been exceptionally high and the competition has been fierce across all categories. Congratulations to all the finalists. We look forward to seeing them in Dubai.”

The awards ceremony takes place on the evening of Thursday 21st November 2018 at the 16th floor Penthouse FIVE Jumeirah Palm against the backdrop of the astonishing Dubai skyline.

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