Original artwork. Acrylic on Paper 32x22Inch.

Created 2012

Unknown love, was the third early work created three months after discovering my new passion for painting and the beginning of my journey in prison, in 2012.

This painting was inspired by a reoccurring dream of a woman standing on the water and whose face I could not see or recognised and that would disappear as I walked toward her. Looking back I can only assume that it was due to the uncertainty of a passionate experience would take place.

That was a very hard time in my life. I had been detained in March and was just denied bail and my old life was crushed. I had to close my photography studio and hand my life and myself over to complete uncertainty. I lost control over what would happen next.

Here was where I discovered the calming therapy of painting.

The painful loss of an old life led to a new beginning for me and that is why I have included this work in the special purchase collection. I hope it brings a sense of renewal in the most difficult of times.


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Original artwork. Acrylic on canvas 40X30cm.

Created 2017 Mars Gallop was inspired by the beauty of horses and calming effect of watching them galloping in countless films and documentaries. In this work I combined their majestic splendour in a fairytale environment along with red, one of my favourite colours.

I have chosen this work along with Free Spirit to be included in the special purchase selection to go separate or as a pair or individually as I would like them to be on display bringing joy to a new owner and their surroundings.

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I have just finished my latest painting and decided to share it and have had good response for the work and a woman that mentioning that she found it offensive, which I was quite taken aback as an artist paints what is in our minds even if it causes controversy.

Also had a man making a comment on my use of words.

I like to tittle my work so that I can use words to complement the painting.


Acrylic on Canvas 50x50cm

 Breinlinge: As a woman above disgusts me..enough of female exploitation don’t men have better ideas!!! or let’s say a more empathetic view of women in general that they would prefer to protect than use as porno,
Julio Osorio
Julio Osorio Shame you feel that way , voyeurism is with all humans and the female beauty is admirable.
The model was not forced and happy to be pose👍
Breinlinger: I think you haven’t understood anything I tried to convey. You took it too personal.
Julio Osorio
Julio Osorio It is my work Elaine.
Times have changed and as long as humans populate the earth I am sure you will have the most inflential
Beings in it (women) 😉

Breinlinger men objectify women, undermine us, rarely listen to our views and unfortunately the world is full of powerful men in powerful positions which illuminate how men demean us, scared to give us equality. In the art world, men mostly promote themselves, less than 1pc of art in the national galleries are shown that are by women…seeing your ‘work’ is why I reacted and rightly so. I respect women and hopefully they will get to understand that posing for men for such ‘work’ is embarrassing and stand up for their self-esteem.

Here is what the man wrote, what you think?

Eas’y Key’hol’ey Sham’bollic for sexuality a d fore’bidden ta’boo?

And this was my answer:

Hello LuKe. Voyeourism is a centuries old practise and seen as a sin through many religions and the title of my work as well as the content is there to challenge the viewer and freedom of expression through art and words. (edited)