Artists are currently struggling without exhibitions and the chance to physically show our works because of COVID 19

MANGO TREE WISDOMI hope no-one is offended by the timing of this but artists like me are going to struggle without exhibitions and the chance to physically show our works because of COVID 19.

I am a self taught painter whose journey began when I landed in prison just as I was achieving recognition through my photographic work. In November 2018, I was a finalist for the Newcomer category of the Global Arts Awards Dubai, and in 2019 listed as an artist in the International Auction house database. My story is about the power art has to heal and transform people’s lives in the darkest times.

So, for four weeks I am offering some of my favourite original artwork at the lowest price I have ever sold at. It gives me space for new art and supplies for the body and soul to keep me working through the pandemic. I also hope it gives more of you the chance to own and enjoy my original work and who knows, you may become a collector! Click here to view the full collection or for full portfolio and story.

I had the experience of being locked up so not new to me but now I have the added luxury of my beautiful Bella this time around to help keep me sane.

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The one thing that we must learn from the current situation as I did through my experience is that life is full of surprises and we can’t predict the future, so it is important to learn not to take everything for granted. When control is taken away from us, it leads to stress and depression. I learned that you can regain that control through self analysing, looking deep into what makes you unhappy, using art to illustrate by drawing, painting or writing each of those traumatic thoughts or situations in your life to process them on to the memory section of your mind and alleviate the trauma and bringing calm to one’s soul.

A good way to find happiness and distract one self, by doing things you love and exploring new things.

As well as painting I’m also writing a series of articles on how I coped during my incarceration in the hope that my experience may offer some tips to help people during the current crisis and you can follow and interact with me here on in my blog.

As always stay safe and well.



Loving Amy. I am happy to have completed and share my latest painting, a tribute to the talented Amy Winehouse. Her sadly short lived live inspired me to paint her and keep her memory alive.